STOP!!! ALL Members please read !

This is the OLD Members are and it is no longer active. If you want to access our NEW Member’s area, you MUST sign up anew to our Membership Info area  – http://www.knowyourrightsgroup.com.au/membership-info/ – if you want to continue accessing our podcasts, show notes and Court Cases page.

 Please do NOT e-mail us saying that you can no longer access the Members area as we have had this notice up for THREE months now. If you have ANY questions about this at all, just e-mail us at info@knowyourrightsgroup.com.au


Anyone who is new to this area and wants to sign up for access to our fully edited podcasts, a copy of our show notes for each show and access to our extensive Court Cases page, should now sign up via the new Membership’s Area of our main website.

Just click the Link above and follow the steps to sign up. Please note that you will NOT be able to access that page until you have signed up for it, even if you are an existing Member of this site.

Existing Members should now migrate over to the new Membership area by clicking this link and signing up for either monthly membership or annual membership, which a number of members have been asking us for, for a while now.

Please note, existing Radio Show members MUST e-mail us once you have signed up to the new Membership area so we can cancel any recurring payments for this site. If you don’t let us know that you have changed over to the new site, you may be billed twice!

The benefit of the new Membership area is that it integrates fully with out existing website so you don’t need to change websites or log in multiple times and you can also choose your own password which, again, many members have asked us for, to make it easier for them to log in each week.

And remember, you still get access to our fully edited podcasts – all the music has been removed – plus a copy of our show notes for each week as well. In addition to that, you also get access to our extremely comprehensive Court Cases page too and, it all still costs the same price, about as much as a cup of coffee each week – just $19.95 p/m – and all proceeds go towards helping us stay on the air. And, if you sign up for annual membership, you can save almost 20% over the course of a year!